Tuesday, February 11, 2014

23 Things: Thing 4

This "thing" wasn't very impressive. I make it a point to leave work at work and home at home. When I am at home I make it a point to not be on any device unless I'm playing a game with my kids.

I do follow a few blogs through the RSS feed which is really nice. I like having new ideas and posts e-mailed to me. The blogs I follow are professional and I look at them during my work day. That's where it ends.  I did download the Flipboard App but it seems it would work better if I connected it to my Facebook account which I would never do. The professional blogs that I follow are blogs posted by other Children's librarians and I didn't feel the need to figure out how to search for them in Flipboard. I already have them in one place and I figure that is good enough. When I went into a certain field such as the news field I then had to search through a bunch of news that I didn't care about. I would rather just google something if I'm interested in finding something out.

For people who are constantly looking at news sites I can definitely see a benefit to an app like this, but for me I have no use.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thing 3


I had a feeling it was going to take me past the get to know your device stage before I discovered some interesting things. I loved the apps featured in this "Thing".

RedLaser is just plain cool. I've known about it for awhile but I've never actually downloaded it and put it to use. This was finally my excuse. Several times I have ended up at one store to pick up an item and then go to another store to see if it would be cheaper. I have officially eliminated that step. I'm pretty excited about this one.

iHome+sleep is interesting. I've forced myself to use it over the weekend. It's one thing to review an app that I've looked at vs. one that I've actually used. iHome is easier to operate, for lack of a better term" than I would have thought. At night I typically read on my phone so when I am ready to quit reading and go to bed I just pull up another app. I don't have to do anything extra. Typically when either of my kids wake up in the middle of the night I'm back to reading because I can't fall asleep right away. It's not a big hassle to wake up and sleep again. I love that I can also set a bedtime timer. It comes in handy when I am with my kids. A typical night is me setting the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and then Emily goes down. Elizabeth gets another 5 minutes and then it's her time to go to bed. Elizabeth and I get 10 minutes of cuddling time and then it's lights out and she's on her own. If she's still awake in 30 minutes then she gets to cuddle some more. Every time I have to get up and set the kitchen times. This is nice that I can just set all these reminders and snoozes and I don't have to keep getting up and down every time I need to.
My husband is also a horrible sleeper. He has PTSD pretty bad and I've been trying to get him to download this app to track his sleep schedule. It would be interesting to keep track how many times he wakes up during the night.

StandApp is also really neat. I don't use it at work since I'm up and down and all around. I do use it at home. It's awesome especially on the weekends when my kids and I like to veg out and watch a movie or play with our devices. Here every 30 minutes we all stand up and we move around and do the exercises (even my 21 mo. old) and then we can go back to watching our movie. It's hard to stay active with such nasty weather and this app is just what we needed.

Overall I was really excited about these apps and am looking forward, yes I said looking forward, to the next "thing" and see what else I can learn. :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

23 Things: Number 2


I am an Apple user. I love my mac. One of the reasons I love them so much is there are no decisions to be made. I want a tablet...I got the ipad. Once you step out of the apple realm you have about 30 different tablets to choose from and about 100 different operating systems. I wanted a smart phone. I have the iPhone. If you go the android route there's about 200 different choices to chose from. I needed a new computer. I bought the Mac Book Pro. Not very complicated. I didn't have to choose between an Hp or a Dell or ....Mac keeps things simple and I will hands down recommend them to anyone and everyone.

I also have a kindle. Prefer the kindle to any other device. I believe I can say that with some expertise because I am a librarian and I teach classes on such things. The only uncomplicated one out there is the Kindle paperwhite. Once you get into the tablets see above, I'm a mac user.

This being said I don't use them to keep track of my daily life. I don't e-mail from my phone or iPad, I don't input my calendar and since I don't use social media I have no use to tweet, update my facebook or check in on FourSquare. Since I have a kindle paperwhite I rarely use it to read. So why on earth do I have one you ask? I have no idea, but I love it and use it daily. The tips and tricks mentioned in this "23 Mobile Apps class" really didn't do much for me. Since I'm on it every day and I'm not afraid to explore and I troubleshoot for other people I had already figured out most of the tips mentioned. There were a few things mentioned that I attempted to figure out but couldn't. I couldn't figure out how to see my mobile app usage and I couldn't figure out how to take pictures in a panoramic view, but since I don't take pics with my devices I wasn't too concerned. The only thing I'm interested in is a place where I can delete all text messages at once and a place where i can get rid of the notification scroll bar thingy. Until someone tells me how to do that then I will keep regarding this as a complete waste of my time.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

23 Things: Thing 1

I have created this blog under duress. I have registered for a class titled "23 Things" and the first "thing" I have to do is create a blog. As much as I love technology I don't want to use it outside of work. I don't want to Tweet or blog or share docs. My life is my own and I don't have the urge to share my thoughts or feeling with the world at large. What do I hope to get out of this, a better attitude. I would rather converse with my family then blog with people I don't know. I would rather play with my children then play games via facebook. I don't care which level of candy crush you are on or if you need lives. I don't want to know where you are and if you have a linked in account. My goal is to finish these 23 Things and not stop after Thing 3 because I just don't care how any of this works. So...here's to a better attitude.